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About Time Snow - Services

Snow Clearing – Parking Lots

  • About Time Snow (ATS) is responsible to respond proactively to snow storms.

  • Whenever a snow fall of 1″ or above occurs, it shall be cleared by ATS.  We will not clear snow  below 3/4″ unless requested in writing by the client. 

  • Within five (5) days of site(s) awarded, all islands and other obstructions will be clearly marked with 3’ above grade stakes painted traffic orange.

  • Within five (5) days of site(s, ) award ATS  has the obligation to walk the store(s) prior to the season and complete a Job Site Survey  in order to identify and detail all the objects that can be damaged by snow and ice services.

  • All snow clearing operations performed during the store operating hours shall be conducted in a manner that does not impact store operation.

  • ATS will pile snow in designated and predetermined areas. The ideal location for snow accumulations will be discussed with the Store Manager.

  • General areas of responsibility: all entrances and exit driveways, parking lot, loading docks, perimeter sidewalks.

  • Additional areas to be accessible and clear of snow: Fire hydrants, storm drains, trash dumpsters, natural gas shutoffs, fuel oil fill, fire department Siamese connections, electrical boxes/traffic control boxes, fire lanes, fire exits, crosswalks, staircases, handicap ramps.

  • If snow accumulates overnight from the store closing to store opening, plowing will be completed 2 hours prior to store opening. ATS will make every effort to clear the employee parking area first.

  • Salt or comparable de-icing product will be used on parking areas, loading docks, and perimeter sidewalks. Sand only on parking decks and concrete less than one year of age to prevent icing. (If the store manager requests additional de-icing, they must first provide a work order to ATS).

  • When snow is expected to fall throughout the day, periodic inspections of properties will be made of the parking area and all entrances and exits to ensure that they remain passable and plowed as required.

  • ATS shall clear all fire hydrants, as well as fire exits, during snow clearing operations, in accordance with local fire codes and city regulations. Also, will be responsible to ensure that all cart corrals are cleared.

Snow Clearing – Sidewalks

  • Snow is  cleared from perimeter sidewalks associated with the particular site and will be cleared each time the parking lot is plowed.

  • Periodic inspections will be made of all entrances and exits to ensure that they remain passable at all times..

  • Calcium Chloride, Ice Melt, or a comparable de-icing product will be used to prevent icing on sidewalks.

  • Specifics for Ice Storms

  • Application of ice melting agent should commence before or immediately after end of ice event to ensure adequate melting time for safety.

  • When ice accumulates, melting agent should be used to melt designated areas.

  • All ice will be cleared from walkways, sidewalks and parking lot.

  • Periodic inspection of treated areas should be done to ensure melting is progressing.

Additional Services

The following work must have prior approval by the client. ATS will not perform any of these services without prior approval. 


  • Loading into a truck and hauling snow off site

  • Additional equipment

  • Clearing of snow from roof, between customer’s vehicles, and HVAC air intakes

Weather Data

About Time Snow relies on weather data from AccuWeather, WeatherWorks, etc . . . to validate all services performed..

Storm Documentation

  • ATS keeps detailed storm document for each event.

  • Upon completion of services ATS is required to obtain a Store Manager signature 


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