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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to call you to request service prior to a snow event?


No need to call!  The About Time Snow team carefully monitors the weather and communicates with our removal team.  Plowing will begin as soon as your plow trigger is met.  In the event of an emergency, you may reach our office team 24/7 at 877-PUSHSNOW.

What is a plow trigger?


This number determines how many inches of snow need to accumulate before plowing begins.  For example, a 2 inch plow trigger indicates that our plows will drop when there is 2 inches of snow on the ground and for every 2 inches to follow.

How does your removal team know when to be on site?


Prior to the arrival of a snow event, our dispatch team reaches out to the removal team and remains in close contact with them throughout the event.

Once on site, what is your procedure?


We provide our removal team with a site map of your property that includes information such as store hours, desired area to push/pile snow, and any other instructions specific to your property.  We make use of all of the information that you provide on the Storm Management Guide as it allows our removal team to have all relevant information and provide the best service possible.

What if there is a snow event during business hours?


During business hours, our focus will be to keep main drive lanes and all sidewalks open.  Empty parking spaces will be cleared however; we need at least 3 consecutive empty spots to be able to plow.  We will re-deploy our removal team after business hours (or after peak hours for 24 hour stores) to clear the remainder of the lot.

What is ISO SN9001?


ISO SN9001 is a certification exclusive to snow removal professionals; it ensures industry standards are consistently being met and clients receive the best service possible.  It focuses on processes and procedures that are documented and monitored through audits made by a third party.  ATS is one of the first snow removal companies to receive this certification.

What do I do in the event of a snow related injury?


Your patron/employee safety is of utmost concern.  Please secure the scene and notify the appropriate emergency personnel immediately.  Please complete and submit the ATS incident report to us via email ( or fax (215)757-0143).  Please contact ATS with any questions at 877-PUSHSNOW

What if there is damage to my property?


ATS conducts both a preseason and post season site survey to determine what repairs are found to be the fault of our snow removal team.  These repairs will be made at the end of the season.

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