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About Time Snow - Services

Scope of Work

When a snow fall occurs, it shall be cleared by ATS upon reaching the plow trigger. Owner must contact ATS to authorize snow plowing below the trigger (if the site manager requests this operation, they must provide a work order from Owner).



When a snowfall occurs, that is below the specified trigger, the parking lots and sidewalks will be inspected by ATS.  ATS will treat all parking lots and sidewalks with applicable salt/deicer if temperatures and/or conditions necessitate service.  ATS will check for melt and refreeze and treat as needed.



ATS will pile snow in designated and predetermined areas. The ideal location for snow accumulations will be discussed with the Site Manager.



General areas of responsibility: all entrances and exit driveways, parking lot, loading docks, perimeter sidewalks/walkways.



Salt or comparable de-icing product will be used on parking areas, loading docks, and perimeter sidewalks.



Snow will be cleared from perimeter sidewalks/walkways associated with the site and must be cleared each time the parking lot is plowed.



Calcium Chloride, Ice Melter, Ice Melt, or a comparable de-icing product will be used to prevent icing on sidewalks/walkways. 

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