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About Time Snow - Core Values

About Time Snow Mission Statement


We are Snow & Ice Management professionals dedicated to providing proactive snow and ice management services through superior customer service, effective monitoring, & cost efficiencies while promoting safe practices through effective communication, education, training and tools to insure safety of our client’s properties.


Our mission is simple: We aim to provide our clients with peace of mind when dealing with extreme weather conditions. By forming a partnership with you, we can free you to focus on other priorities while we focus on eliminating wintertime obstacles to your business. We depend on people who are driven by a hard work ethic, and whose conduct and decisions are based on ethical business practices.  Our desire is to conduct a profitable business in a way that will bring Glory to God.

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About Time Snow Core Values


We hold that we will conduct all areas of our business with integrity, consideration for others and morality based on Christian principles.


Relationships with Clients – Our customers are the driving force of our business and we will strive to maintain the highest standard of customer service possible.  We will never accept mediocrity in our level of service performed and will always strive for excellence. 


We will treat every client with:


  • Honesty – truthful and genuine

  • Impartiality – without prejudice

  • Respect – we will value the worth of others highly without regard to age, gender, race, religion or creed

  • Courtesy – our interaction with others shall be thoughtful, kind, polite, friendly and cooperative

  • Positive Attitude – looking first for the good

  • Consistency – dependability in our actions and attitude


Our Employees – The well-being of About Time Snow employees is vital to our success.  Our desire is to positively impact the health, happiness and personal development of our employees.


We are committed to providing


  • A safe working environment

  • An environment conducive to personal growth and creativity

  • A respectful and considerate workplace

  • A workplace free of discrimination

  • A healthy profit to continue to provide for growth and opportunity

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