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About Time Snow - Services

Lowering Liability

Managing liability and accident claims has become an ongoing and time-consuming responsibility. We at About Time Snow work with you to ensure that our snow-clearing operations are conducted in a manner that limits your legal liability.


About Time Snow is ISO 9001/SN 9001 Certified ISO 9001 is one of many international standards overseen by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from more than 145 countries, one from each country.SN 9001 – a newly created system exclusive to professional snow contractors -- works in conjunction with the existing ISO 9001. Contractors earn certification through an independent, third-party audit that focuses on processes and procedures that adhere to service quality, as well as the implementation of the industry standards for the professional snow and ice management industry.

The key to an effective legal defense in an accident claim is to establish that your lot was properly serviced. A judge will determine whether the services provided were adequate based on two criteria: whether the response was timely and how well the site was cleaned. (Dry, clear pavement conditions are not always required – during a storm, some amount of snow and ice accumulation is inevitable and expected.) At About Time Snow, we coordinate our services with the needs of our customers so that we complete our task according to their expectations.



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