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How It Works

We offer three (3) different commerical contract types that cover the full spectrum of snow and ice services that your business area may require.  When you are deciding, please keep in mind what a typical annual event averages in terms of inches of precipitation and numbers of snow and ice events in your region.

Also remember to always exercise caution before entering into a binding agreement. Although professional service providers may not offer the lowest proposal, the old adage is especially true in this industry: You get what you pay for. A higher price often reflects a guarantee to meet your needs and a greater regard for your safety that cheaper services may not provide.

About Time Snow How It Works

Scope of Work

These are your Specification Guidelines. It is understood that the Service Provider agrees to adhere to these guidelines and that said guidelines will be considered part of the Agreement. Click the image to the right for a sample scope of work in a typical contract.

About Time Snow Scope

Lower Liability

Managing liability and accident claims has become an ongoing and time-consuming responsibility. We at About Time Snow work with you to ensure that our snow-clearing operations are conducted in a manner that limits your legal liability.

The key to an effective legal defense in an accident claim is to establish that your lot was properly serviced. A judge will determine whether the services provided were adequate based on two criteria: whether the response was timely and how well the site was cleaned. (Dry, clear pavement conditions are not always required – during a storm, some amount of snow and ice accumulation is inevitable and expected.) At About Time Snow, we coordinate our services with the needs of our customers so that we complete our task according to their expectations.

About Time Snow Lower Liability
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