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The Saga of the Stressed out Property Manager

After tossing and turning for several hours Tammy gave up around 3 am and turned on the news to hear the latest on the pending storm. The meteorologist mentioned there was already an inch or so on the ground. “Oh no!” Tammy gasped as she looked out the window. “They said the storm wouldn’t start until midmorning!” Nervously she called in to the night staff at Rusty Years retirement home in which she was the property manager. Lily the night manager answered the phone; “Hi Lilly, I see the snow started early, did the property get serviced at all yet?” “Yes, a nice young man came in a few hours ago and asked me to sign his storm doc, he let me know he pre-treated both the sidewalks and the parking lots and he would be back as soon as 2 inches have landed” Lily said. “Good! Hopefully they are equipped to handle what is coming; they said this could be the blizzard of the century!” As Tammy hung up the phone she gave a sigh of relief and decided to once again try to get some sleep. It was difficult because her mind kept going back to the catastrophe from the year before when an ice storm was not properly serviced from the former contractor she hired. It was her first year as a property manager and she didn’t know much about finding the appropriate contractor to handle the snow and ice on the property. She was only focused on the price and the lowest bidder won, big mistake! The contractor bit off more than he could chew, not only with this site, but his other clients as well. The ice storm was brutal and despite his efforts, he fell behind and by the time he got to Rusty Years his equipment broke down preventing him from creating a safe environment. As a result, one elderly gentleman fell getting into the medical transportation van and was severely injured when he hit his head on the ground. Now Rusty Years faced a terrible lawsuit because the contractor did not have enough insurance. Thankfully Tammy didn’t lose her job although her employer was not so confident in her ability to hire proper help. Through this experience Tammy learned that there is so much more to look at when reviewing bids from prospective contractors. She decided to educate herself on how to find reliable service, and in that process she found About Time Snow (aka ATS). With years of experience, high accountability with Service Providers and proper insurance, ATS seemed to be the way to go, she hoped. She decided to give them a call and make sure they were on track with coming back out to service. At this point it was 4:30 am and two inches were already on the ground. A very pleasant woman answered the phone, and within a matter of minutes she was able to contact the service provider and assure Tammy that they were just about at her site. Around 5 am Tammy decided to call Lilly back to make sure they came. “Yes Tammy, the same young man just stopped in again so I could sign his form, and right now everything looks great.” With that Tammy was able to get a couple hours sleep before she had to head into the office. Tammy woke up again around 8 am, looked out the window and saw her car completely buried in a mountain of snow, and it was still coming down, hard. She turned on the news to find out only emergency vehicles were aloud on the road. Oh no, she thought, how will my residents who need dialyses get out to their treatment centers?.... Tune in next time for the continuing saga of the stressed out property manager…..

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